• Provides extended functionality of commands, keyboard and mouse.

  • Eliminates pressing <enter> to confirm input.

  • Improves range of OSNAPS

  • Improves range of OBJECT selection.

  • Improves range of command option confirmation.

  • Improves command functionality.


MYCADFUNS are a bit hard to describe; it’s more of a concept really.  MYCADFUNS include all of those things listed below plus several command enhancements. MYCADFUNS range from simple adjustments and improvements to generic AutoCAD commands to make them faster, more convenient to use or functionally more effective than AutoCAD as well as many entirely new and unique commands that do things not available in generic AutoCAD.  Here is  a list of the main user interface improvements.


MYCADFUNS include:

  • Single-key responses to MYCADKEYS commands; eliminating the need for multi-character responses and the usual obligatory following <enter> key every time a command response is needed.
  • Object Snapping required by most drawing commands is greatly enhanced; providing twenty points about double that of AutoCAD. Only a single character is needed.  <enter> is NOT required.
  • Object Selection required by most editing commands is much faster and provides twenty ways of selecting objects.  De-selecting objects is also more fluid since it can be done with the right mouse button rather than pressing the shift key. Only a single character is needed.  <enter> is NOT required.
  • Data-picks - extraction of data properties such as layer name, color and line-type, text strings, Block names. Polyline widths and more, using a mouse pick rather than Listing an object then typing long keyboard entries.
  • Status-line improvements provide current layer name and name length setting, Workzone, Dimscale, linetype-scale and full drawing path.
  • Dimension and Text styles to suit chosen professions are created automatically on start-up.
  • Auto-save - an optional addition to AutoCAD’s automatic save provides an extra backup facility that creates two alternating permanent back-up files.
  • Automatic graphic standards customizable to office preferences.
  • Multiple default options and user pre-sets.
  • Multiple object editing.
  • Enhanced TEXT command
  • Enhanced DIM command
  • Additional command confirmation options