MYCADFUNS Autosave provides additional drawing security:

MYCADFUNS automatically saves the current drawing alternately to C:\MYCADKEYS\Acadbak1 and then to C:\MYCADKEYS\Acadbak2 at approximately 20 minute intervals.  The file is saved with the same name as the current drawing and excludes the file path.  Make sure that every drawing name is unique.  Experience shows that when naming and filing drawings every folder and every file name should start with a project number.

The standard AutoCAD Autosave continually overwrites a single .BAK file.  Although AutoCAD's file recovery system will preserve the last manually saved version it is possible that in the event of a power outage that both the Autosave .BAK file and the current file might be corrupted.  MYCADFUNS Autosave ensures that at least one and usually two recent versions of your fie are preserved.   When restoring the drawing it is up to the user to determine which of the Acadbak versions is the most recent.


A drawing can be restored from Acadbak1 or Acadbak2 by opening it as a normal drawing.  Use Save-As to overwrite the main fie and start again.