Object Selection

The range of MYCADFUNS OBJECT SELECTION options is:

/=byproperty/*everything/All/Block/Crossing/Dialogue/Entlast/Fen/Grp/Just-bfr-last/ Last/New/Over(WP)/Prev/Under(CP)/Visible/Window/eXcl


=                       byproperty

*                       Everything including off and frozen - the entire drawing

All                    Everything visible in current space

Block                All blocks with that name

Crossing          Regular Crossing option

Dialogue           (not yet implemented)

Entlast              Last entity drawn regardless of visibility

Fen                  Draw a fence

Grp                  Everything in the Group

Just-bfr            Object Just before the Last

Last                  Last visible object

New                 New objects created by explode command

Over                 Window Polygon

Prev                 Previous selection set

Under               Crossing Polygon

Visible              Everything that would be visible if thawed and on.

Window           regular Window option

eXclude            All but

lassoo              not defined yet

chain               not defined yet

=                        byproprty options

                                  L          Layer


Subobject         (not yet implemented)


In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Select objects using MYCADFUNS' extended range of Select Objects options,

User entries are in bold text.

Prompts are in italic text.

Open or create a simple drawing containing a variety of objects on a range of layers.  You will need some Blocks, with multiple copies of at least one of them.

Create a bunch of new objects by exploding one of the blocks.

Start MYCADKEYS E - Erase command:

Command: E <enter>

Note the two lines of reminder prompt:

Select objects options:  =byproperty/*everything/All/Block/Crossing/Dialogue/Entlast/Fen/Grp/Just-bfr-last/ Last/New/Over(WP)/Prev/Under(CP)/Visible/Window/eXcl

Compare this with AutoCAD’s options and note the extra options: =byproperty, *everything, Block, Dialogue, Entlast, Just-before-last, New.

AutoCAD’s Object/Subobject is not yet implemented.

And the main prompt:

ADD mode…+/-?/ALTMENU/<[done]>/<<add/remove>>….Select objects:

The prompt will change from ADD to REMOVE if – is pressed and vice-versa.

Left or right clicks and drags add or remove respectively but do not change the ADD REMOVE mode i.e. selection stays in the ADD mode unless deliberately changed to REMOVE.

<enter> or [spacebar] will terminate the command and will prompt:

Total selected: n:    (n is the number selected).

If you have a four line Command: area you also will see a reminder on the top line

Use ED to Erase Duplicate objects:

Experiment with each of the options have fun.

Try the Erase = Layer option:


<<use a left pick to select a layer to erase all objects with that layer name.  A right pick check>> invites you to check the results of a layer pick then reports the layer name and invites you to [accept] or AOK to try-again.

Selected layer: mylayer  [accept]/AOK-try again 

 (AOK = Any Other Key)