Self Employed


Apart from the obvious answer of “everybody” it is the self employed who will benefit most.

You might be thinking:

  • If MYCADKEYS has been around for 30 years why is it not in common use? and
  • Why should I spend time learning to use MYCADKEYS?

MYCADKEYS has been progressively developed in an office environment with multiple CAD operators and was trialed at various stages of its development. This was only partially successful due to several factors such as the developing nature of the program and the surprising reluctance of many drafters to spend time and effort learning something that might benefit their employer but not themselves. They presumably could not see the benefits of improving the performance of their employer or even themselves if their abilities were not going to be recognized. Even now there seems to be a reluctance to invest effort and professional reputation on something that is seen as an amateur product that is so divergent from the comfort levels and conventional nature of the standard menu program interface promoted by Autodesk.

So if “staff” drafters are not interested what about CAD managers? Early efforts to interest a CAD manager or two were met with similar resistance that was interpreted at the time (perhaps unfairly) as “OOPS this is a threat to my authority and position”.

The reality is that those who stand to benefit most are the self employed and quoted price contract drafters who seek an advantage over CAD dinosaurs who still believe in the supposed efficiency of the standard AutoCAD command interface.

What gives me the confidence to make this assertion? MYCADKEYS has kept me ahead in the CAD game, easily outpacing my drafting colleagues in both speed and accuracy. To double the speed and improve the accuracy of an average AutoCAD drafter is not an unrealistic claim and I’m happy to demonstrate it.

Self-employed? Want some FREE assistance. Send me a sample drawing to let me see how I and MYCADKEYS can help you. Check my biography.