Layer Tips

  1. Avoid color and line-type by entity.  Do NOT use the properties command to change the color or line-type of objects as this will define them by-entity.  Use LAYER – COLOR option.
  2. Defpoints used to be a convenient layer for objects not intended for plotting but Autocad now provides a no-plot facility for layers.  Use LAYER PLOT <no-plot>.
  3. Preferably control line width by color rather than using wide polylines.  The width of polylines can not be changed by layer redefinition.
  4. For editing or plotting distinction try greying-out xref layers by changing their color.  This can be done by LAYER COLOR 8 (grey) *xreffilename*. 
  5. Preferably create dimstyles by coloring features BYLAYER rather than BYBLOCK.  Use DIMCLRE and DIMCLRT to control dimension colors that are BYBLOCK.