Graphic menu systems are fundamentally flawed.  Can you imagine playing a piano using only a mouse to select keys? The Keys to MYCADKEYS success are a substantial reduction in required keystrokes plus the use of ten fingers instead of one mouse.  (Think of the pianist - not only play with one finger but press <enter> to confirm every keystroke).

Many drafters avoid the Command line because of long command names, and sometimes long or confusing aliases plus a need sometimes for multi-character responses to command options including some of both object-snap and object-select prompts. Most frustrating, however, is the resulting need for repetitive pressing of <enter> to confirm every input because of the irregular number of characters required to answer prompts. Also the comparative ergonomics of using a keyboard vs mouse should not be overlooked.


MYCADKEYS – How it works.

  • Has an Alias for EVERY generic and MYCADKEYS command.

  • Aliases are reduced to one, two and occasionally three keystrokes.

  • Command options are ALL single character. (no <enter>)

  • OSNAP options are ALL single character. (no <enter>)

  • OBJECT select options are ALL single character. (no <enter>)

  • Uses single press Function keys to control the drawing environment.

  • Provides a clean screen.

  • Eliminates hunting for menu icons.

  • Solves the confused and incomplete ALIAS name problem.

  • Eliminates wasteful keystrokes.

  • Speeds learning of commands and responses.

  • Makes use of the fifty+ keys on the keyboard and right mouse button not just the basic twenty-six alpha keys.

Commands begun by MYCADKEYS aliases can be responded to with single character OSNAPS and SELECT OBJECTS options including the extended range of  options provided by MYCADFUNS.   Generic commands can be responded to with Ctrl+chr shortcut keys (instead of typing three characters plus <enter>) but . unfortunately the extended range of OSNAP and SELECT options defined for MYCADKEYS commands are not available for generic commands.

MYCADKEYS aliases apply not only to MYCADKEYS commands but can also be used to initiate generic commands simply by prefixing the MYCADKEYS alias with a back quote “`” (grave accent). Thus PL starts MYCADKEYS Place Line whereas `PL starts generic LINE.command.